How it works

Martial Arts Schools Fundraising Program

How it works

Imagine running a Dojo. You’re focused on growing the school, keeping the students you have, managing instructors, teaching classes, belt testing, tournament registrations, gear for the students, logo designs, advertising and promotion efforts, keeping the dojo clean, billing, taxes, personal relationships, family commitments and yet, you understand the need to give back to your community.

This is where Caring Sensei comes in. We are the solution. We’ll coordinate all of this and we just ask for you to dedicate a 2’x4’ area for the “food donation boxes” and signage and to remind the students/families of the effort. Once you have a few boxes filled up, just let us know and we’ll coordinate a pick up with you and our driver. It’s that simple!

Our Predominant Fundraiser

Partner with Martial Arts Schools to collect Healthy, Non-perishable foods at their Dojo that they then donate to their local food bank or pantry.

● We supply 10, 16”x15”x21” food donation boxes per year and a roll of packing tape. More, if needed.
● We supply 1 school window sticker and 1 display area sign.
● We coordinate pick up/delivery of the food donation boxes and they
get delivered to the pantry.   
● School receives a link on our
website, as well as Social Media postings on our Facebook page.
● School receives huge discounts on all merchandise.
● School receives positive PR within their community. Can share story
with local media.

The main goal of the program is to end worldwide hunger. To that point, whatever food donations are raised by the schools, Caring Sensei will then match that amount of donations. Essentially, doubling our impact. In addition, it’s also to help teach students about volunteering, giving back, helping people, doing what is right, respect, integrity and kindness. These teachings are all a part of martial arts tenets and principles.